My child is submissive, lacking confidence

Is your child suffering with self-doubt, nervousness, low self-esteem, overly body conciousness?

My child Shies Away from People, Has Stage-Fear

Can't mingle up socially? Not Expressive? Tried public speaking course but no improvement?

My Child is Lacking Ability to Deal with Emotions

Carried away by frequent anxiety, anger, sadness, stress? Shows Strong Resistance to Corrections?

My Child Lacks Self-Motivation, Appears Lazy

Do you want your child to be Self-Driven, Independent? Proactive on thinking and taking action?

My Child Lacks Concentration and Focus

Is Your Child unable to comeout of Unlimited Gadget addiction? Loosing attention from Study?

My Child is Not able to Follow Daily Schedule

Do you find your child lacking discipline or getting overwhelmed with daily routine?